Social Responsibility and Development

       FD Green (Thailand ) Co., Ltd. values community and society which are the basic unit of the country and mutually supporting as well. Ajinomoto groups and FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd. purchase agricultural products and raw material from the community and supply fertilizers and fertilizer raw material to the community. As a member of community, we are willing to return for their gratitude via several activities such as education, exhibition and seminar on knowledge about fertilizer and chemical to them. We have always donated fund, products and needy equipments to governmental and charity organizations. We also contribute to decrease the economical stress of our customers by providing good quality products.
       Regarding to environment,FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd.has established 3 duties : there are the responsible for high-quality products, safety and environment preservation. Our main activity on environment is to realize zero emission policy of Global Ajinomoto Group of Companies. FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd. aims to fully utilize process material of Ajinomoto Group Companies in Thailand to be valuable products through the research and development as well as to study and monitor in long term effect of products before launching and sale in order to ensure that the finished products are friendly to environment.
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