Research and Development

       FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd. cooperated with Thai Technology and Engineering Center of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. and several governmental research agencies such as Department of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries and Universities to carry out the research about products efficiency and long time effect. The result shows our products are effective for the crops and environmental friendly.
Organic Chemical Fertilizer Trial Field : Amimate® 4-0-8 Formula
       After searching fertilizer 4-0-8 formula is completed. FDG® collaborate with Dr.Jutamas Kumcha and Dr. Choochad Santasup, Faculty of Agriculture,Chiangmai University for testing the efficiency of Organic Chemical Fertilizer, Amimate®  4-0-8 Formula in garlic trial field.

The result shows Organic Chemical Fertilizer Amimate® 4-0-8 formula can increase the quality of garlic.
Super Ash Trail field
       The experiment of using super ash in cassava for testing the efficiency and search the suitable usage rate At Ban Wang Ham Khanu Woralaksaburi District, Kamphaeng Phet Province.

The results shows Super Ash can increase the growth, yield and
structure of the soil since the first year using which compared to not using Super Ash.
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