Our Profile

     FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd was established  in 2001 by spinning off  Fertilizer Development Department of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd has heritage of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd.’s food and amino acid technologies.

     We have developed valuable fertilizer from Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd process materials, which are rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, micro and Trace minerals and protein supplement  for feed. We aim to develop and provide high quality products to serve the customers satisfaction forever. 

2001Established on September 3 and started the operation on December 1.
2002Launched solid soil conditioner brand “AMINA®” and exported “AMIMATE®-J” to foreign country.
2003Started the research project on Fish farming and Sugarcane planting.
2004Launched solid soil conditioner  brand “AMIMATE® G”.
2005Established solid fertilizer factory at Kamphaeng Phet province.
2008Leading to the international standard achievements of  ISO 14001 environment standard,
 OHSAS 18001 safety standard and Thai Industry Standard (TIS) 18001.
2009Leading to the international standard achievements of  ISO 9001 quality standard

The certificate of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR-DIW) from the Department of Industrial

Registration organic chemical fertilizer brand "AMIMATE®" and AIDS-Response Standard Organization.
2010Got award Drug Against in working place.  
 Launched protein supplement  brand "AJITEIN®"  
2011Participated with energy saving project with conducted by Ministry of Industry and achieve success target with have got certificate and
 the company which is operated comply with Law and follow up on environment good governance.
2013Established Ayutthaya Branch
2014Launched Nucleic acid brand “ROOTMATE®” and “Green Coffee Bean”
2015Launched Fresh Cabbage
2016Established Ami-Ami® Distributor center at Kanchanaburi province and launched Rice
2017Launched Animal Feed Products “FD Pro® 40 and “FD Pro® 50”
2018Launched solid soil conditioner brand “Super Ash”

Launched solid soil conditioner brand “AMIMATE®- G Plus 4-0-8 and Garlic

 Bio-cycle concept
        The Ajinomoto Group products the amino acids used in its products through fermentation processes from crops that are easily available in each region. Nearly 100% of the nutritionally rich by-products (co-product) that remain after extracting amino acids in the fermentation processes are than used as fertilizer and feed.  The Group considers such recycling-based amino acid fermentation processes that procure sustainable agricultural production while enriching regional agriculture as “bio-cycles”. These bio-cycle are a means of simultaneously contribution to reliable supplies of food resources and realizing sustainable agriculture. For this reason, we are introducing cycles at our fermentation factories worldwide.

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