Cabbage : Free chemical cabbage with strong control total cultivation system,fertilizer use, safety chemical. Able to verify every steps of cultivation to maintain the freshness, safety, crispy and sweet taste.
Cabbage Category
  • Fresh Cabbage size 5" up
  • Fresh Cabbage size >3.5"<5"
Fresh Sliced cabbage
Fresh Shreded cabbage

Cabbage Source

  • FDG® cabbage comes from the North of Thailand-Chiangmai, Maehongson and Tak.Where has the suitable condition for cultivation.


Field Management

          To guarantee product quality. Safety and free chemical residue. FDG® strongly control the quality pass trough field management activity.

  • First step: Field management team direct contact the farmer and discuss about our core requirement. Not only get the safety product but also benefit for farmer health.
  • Second step: Cultivation record has been establish. In order to monitor cultivation environment. Type and Dosage of any chemial use in the field comply with permission                    
    of Japan and EU standard.


  • Standard manufacture has been establish. Clean and Fresh are the most important. Machine installation can improve manufacturing productivity.

Quality control
  • Chemical residue checking by quality control processsing. In order to ensure our product is safe for customer. 

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