Amimate® Organic Chemical Fertilizer

Amimate®  8-3-4 Formula

"Amimate®" Organic Chemical Fertilizer is developed product for responding  both of domestic and international customers. Granular fertilizer full of NPK from the production of monosodium glutamate from Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. has nutrients that are beneficial to the growth of plants, both elements Primary and Secondary Element. There are 11 kinds of amino acids, 10% organic matter. More using for good soil, long green plants and high productivity.

  • Amino Acid
    There are 11 kinds of amino acids for building hormones in plants.

  • Sulfur (S)
    Building metabolism, affecting cell division and the synthesis of chlorophyll, helping to create color, smell and vegetable oil.



Amimate® 4-0-8 Formula

Product developed to help the growth of plants that requires high yields, good weight, large size. Plants have a good smell because of contains 4% of sulfur, nitrogen and potassium that are suitable for plant growth. It is also full of many kinds of amino acids obtained from the production of glutamate monosodium by using main raw materials from Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd.
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